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The future of foodstagramming – is it over already?

28th Mar 2013

The hashtag #food has now been used over 32 million times and apparently one of the most instagrammed subjects is our humble plate of food.


Or not so humble depending on where you are?! Photographing food and then sending it out into cyberspace has become social media’s latest love affair  – Kim Kardashian is famous for tweeting her favourite Mc Donalds’s McGriddles. There is even a Tumblog taking the mickey – Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food (pohtpof.tumblr.com).

Now here is the problem. Top notch chef’s are very precious about the way their food is represented – snapping your meal and sharing it with the world has some Chef’s very worried with the way their product is being shown. According to a recent article in the NY Times some restaurants are banning the use of smart phone photography in their establishments.  Here in London, Mayfair’s Locanda Locatelli have banned cameras completely with Michelin starred chef Giorgio Locatelli stating ‘ I would prefer for people to just eat my food or maybe even smear it on their naked bodies rather than take unattractive picture of dishes that then get posted on boring blogs.’!!

“Restaurant food often looks grey and miserable, when photographed,” says Tim Hughes, chef director of The Ivy.

Here at Design Restaurants we are very partial to sharing  pic’s of our latest meals within the office – so at the risk of posting a ‘grey miserable dish’ on a ‘boring blog’ here are some pic’s of our Business Development Manager, Andrea’s, recent birthday meal for her husband at the fabulous Bingham….before it gets banned!!

Bingham Pudding



Egg custard, french toast, with earl grey, pear, yogurt sorbet. The Bingham Hotel in Richmond, offering complimentary member dining lunch and dinner Monday – Thursday.


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