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Eating Out in Luxury Restaurants is more affordable than ever

24th Aug 2010
Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Fine dining aficionados are being encouraged to take advantage of the recent economic downturn suffered by the hospitality industry and to join the rapidly expanding fine dining benefits club run by Design Restaurants.

The struggles of fine dining restaurants are well documented within the recent recession, and restaurants have been increasingly looking at how to balance the need to fill up their tables without compromising their brand and integrity of exclusive destinations.

The internet has transformed restaurants ability to market themselves and Design Restaurants is the preferred site for most fine dining establishments to be featured on for its’ sophisticated following and subtle, more commercially sensitive marketing style of offers.  Design Restaurants club is available only to subscribers to receive discreet added value and special privileges at stylish eateries so restaurants and hotels can manage their booking cycles by appealing to the right type of audience profile who are most likely to return.

For Design Restaurants’ growing band of members it means they can effortlessly seek out, by area, chef, price and numerous other criteria, the most suitable restaurant for them for wherever they maybe and for unrivalled prices.

Tessa Shreeve, Managing Director of Design Restaurants, says “In our experience, people don’t like fuss; coupons or vouchers especially when dining for business or with friends.  Likewise, restaurants are mindful of clientele expectations and so a simple discreet card accompanying the bill makes it so simple for discerning followers”. She adds, “Now restaurant prices are proving more affordable than ever, and more so through the club, we are working round the clock to get key restaurants listed and offer great choice.”

Foodies are responding and using the site significantly to find a trusted place to dine with a steady average 14% increase month on month on website traffic this year with membership to Design Restaurants rising by 22% as at August 2010. Restaurants are selected from the gourmet team’s insider knowledge, plus a collective round up from the Michelin Guides, Good Food Guides, Zagat Guides, National Restaurant Awards and other respected reviewers, award ceremonies and following the careers of exciting up and coming chefs.

To find out more, visit www.designrestaurants.com or contact Membership Services on 01276 850581.

We would love to hear your views on dining out … are you finding it more cost-effective and are you feeling valued by the restaurants when receiving offers?

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