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Design Restaurants Loves…

Welcome to our new series of weekly posts, ‘Design Restaurant Loves…’ in which we share with you the things that have caught our imagination that week. It could be anything from the beautiful to the bizzare, the useful to the daft, the tasty to the tasteless. We hope you enjoy!

1. Cafe Royal Hotel hosts a top secret party shoot for Harrods.

Why, what, when?? We demand to know more!!

cafe royal top secret shoot
Cafe Royal Hotel – Harrods Photo Shoot

2. Cucumber slices in ice cubesCucumber-Ice-Cubes-3-300x300

A lovely idea from blogger ‘A lot on your plate’ which will add a touch of cool class to your bank holiday drinks! Top tip is to boil the water first before freezing it as this stops it settling when in the tray and keeps the  ice clear. A mix of lemon and orange slices would also look really effective!

Fabric ferrri3. Fabric Ferrari

Spotted parked outside Harrods yesterday. We’re not quite sure what to make of it. Is carwrapping heading in a new way? After matte, chrome and everything in between, it’s now time for suede –  the furry material is being used to wrap a car. The wrap fits the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano perfectly.  It’s growing on us as it looks like the car is always dry, even when it’s raining and it matches so many outfits…

princess yaiza

4. Limited Edition Gastronomic Seminars with Michelin Chef Adam Simmonds at Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, Lanzarote

Sun, sea and one of our most favourite chefs – what’s not to like? This wonderful culinary experience, guaranteed to delight even the most cultured of foodies, will take place from 29th – 31st August at the award winning restaurant Isla de Lobos at Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort in Lanzarote.  Adam Simmonds can more normally be found at the lovely Danesfield House in Marlow.

'Iconic artist': Coolio on Celebrity Big Brother in 20105. Coolio selling off music catalogue rights to fund career as a chef

Like – really?? We wrote earlier this week about the rise of the Celebrity Chef- but Celebrities becoming chef’s? It seems the infamous rapper is  auctioning off rights to Gangsta’s Paradise and 122 other songs to pay for a cookbook series and online show.  His 2009 book Cookin’ with Coolio was a surprise bestseller, tempting readers with recipes for Drunk-Ass Chicken and Mozzarella for the Pimpish Fella.  Yeah – really!!

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