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Claire interviews the Notting Hill diner, Sanjeev Bhaskar, who upset Julia Roberts

9th Mar 2010

Sanjeev Bhaskar OBE, aka The Kumars at No 42, tells our Claire (Business Development Manager) about his many film roles including the obnoxious businessman diner in Notting Hill, for a local fundraiser.

Claire was interviewing in Parky style on Saturday. Sanjeev, known for Goodness Gracious Me, Spamalot, Anita and Me, The Guru and his work with the Prince’s Trust was recalling one of his major film roles as the diner who insulted Julia Roberts character in Nobu as she dined with Hugh Grant. He said “it was my first lesson in continuity”. He left his favourite prawn tempura to last as a treat but then ended up having to continually eat a tuna maki roll whilst they got the scene right. He couldn’t face the prawn by the end!

He said that meeting Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant was his first major screen stars that he had met, and he spoke of the embarrassment of not being able to string a proper sentence together. It was a busy year as he then famously went on to have a number one with Gareth Gates for Comic Relief with Spirit in the Sky. Sanjeev is coming to our screens later this year with Colin Farrell, Ray Winston, Keira Knightley and Anna Friel….and maybe Claire, who knows! Claire interviewed him for an hour live on stage so now sitting in front of restaurateurs, chefs or hoteliers is no problem! Good job Claire and Sanjeev with over £2,000 raised for her school.

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