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Chefs Recipe: Beetroot Terrine with Horseradish Sorbet by Aaron Patterson of Hambleton Hall

13th Jul 2016


Gone are the days when we only associated beetroot with a crinkly slice of vivid pink doused in over-powering vinegar. Fresh beetroot has much to commend it in terms of flavour and as it’s high in betacarotene and folic acid it is an excellent choice for a healthy diet – and right now it’s in season!

Here then is a tempting recipe which uses lots of different varieties of beetroot from head chef of Hambleton Hall, Aaron Patterson.

Beetroot Terrine


Makes 1 terrine (around 15 slices)


For the dish

  • 750g golden beetroot
  • 750g white beetroot
  • 750g purple beetroot
  • 750g candy beetroot

For Sousing Liquor

  • 1lt water
  • 330g white wine vinegar
  • 330g sugar
  • star anise (1)

For the Jelly

  • 400g sousing liquor
  • (pref from purple beetroot for its colour)
  • honey/white wine vinegar, salt, wasabi, lemon, balsamic vinegar to season
  • 2.4g agar agar
  • 9 leaves of gelatin (soaked in cold water)
  • 1 golden beetroot

For the Pistachio Crumb

  • 100g pistachio
  • 150g walnuts
  • 50g icing sugar
  • salt
  • sherry vinegar

For the Horseradish Cream

  • horseradish
  • horseradish cream
  • 500g crème fraiche

Terrine Preparation

Lightly rub (any type of) oil) all over the inside of the terrine mould

Roll out a large piece of cling film, big enough to go inside the mould and have spare to cover all sides and top of terrine, repeat 3 times making sure to push a tea towel over the top while laying it so as to push out any air bubbles

Push into the terrine mould making sure there are no air pockets, it’s pushed right into the corners and that there is spare cling film all around the top to cover the top of the terrine.



Peel beetroots and place each type in individual pans (so the colour doesn’t bleed during cooking)

When cooled, cut the beetroot into chunky rectangles so each set of beetroots can do a length of terrine

Note – When cooked keep the liquor (for jelly and sousing the beetroot slices)



Use 400g sousing liquor preferably from the purple beetroot (for its colour). Taste and season to own preference with honey, white wine vinegar, salt, wasabi, lemon, balsamic vinegar as you like.

Boil the liquor with the Agar Agar

Take off the stove and add the softened gelatin, stirring until it’s all dissolved


Note: You need to be organised and move quite quickly with the Agar Agar as its sets faster while it cools, unlike gelatin which needs to be fridge cold to set

Add a 1cm depth of jelly to the mould

Place the rectangles of one type of beetroot along one length of the mould

Fill any gaps at the end of the terrine by cutting any larger pieces so they fit edge to edge

Pick another beetroot colour and do a second row and then using another type do a third

Add more jelly and repeat with the second set of three rows of beetroot on top of the first three

Add more jelly and repeat to make three rows by three

Cover with jelly so it’s just above the beetroot. If there is more space in your terrine mould, jelly and beetroot add another layer to your preference

Wrap and place in the fridge (for at least a few hours or perhaps even over night to chill so the gelatine and agar agar are at optimal potential for slicing)

Turn out beetroot terrine, unwrap and then carefully wrap in a fresh layer of cling film all over for slicing (keep on a chopping board in the fridge until ready to slice)

When sliced and on a plate, remove cling film from edge, olive oil the top for shine and season with cracked sea salt and pepper

Sliced Beetroot Discs

Slice golden beetroot on a slicer or Japanese mandolin as thin as you can

Simmer in left over sousing liquor from golden beetroot until soft but with bite left to it

Pistachio Crumb

Blitz the pistachio nuts until they become a crumb like texture (not too long or the oils will start to make it sticky)

In a bowl put the walnuts and icing sugar and give little shake to coat roughly

Heat a flat based pan and add the walnuts and sugar, stir until caramelised and dark in colour

Deglaze the pan with a splash of sherry vinegar

Lay out on a greaseproof sheet to cool and set

Season with salt

Horseradish Cream

Finely grate horseradish

Add a tablespoon of horseradish to the crème fraiche in a bowl mix thoroughly

Add fresh horseradish, salt, lemon to taste

To Serve

Place a slice of beetroot terrine on the plate olive oil glaze and season

Use the pistachio crumb, discs of soused beetroot, walnuts and horse radish cream to decorate the plate

Note: We also use pickled chervil or baby beetroot shoots to decorate


The Chef: Aaron Patterson

Aaron Patterson Hambleton Hall

A youthful genius who started at Hambleton in 1984 and gained useful experience with Raymond Blanc, Anton Mosiman and others before returning to Hambleton as Head Chef in 1992. He may be lured from time to time to caper about in the television studio for such shows as Here’s one I made earlier or Masterchef but his heart remains in the kitchen with his team of ten like-minded enthusiasts.

The Restaurant: Hambleton Hall Restaurant

Hambleton, Oakham, Rutland, Leicestershire, LE15 8TH | 01572 756991 | www.hambletonhall.com

Hambleton Hall Restaurant

Hambleton Hall is a ‘location perfect’ Victorian mansion lovingly converted into the prestigious hotel as we know it today. It is nestled on top of a hill on an outcrop of land surrounded by Europe’s largest man-made lake in the beautiful and picturesque village of Oakham. Interior design remains traditional and fully in keeping.

The restaurant offers exceptional dining experiences worthy of a journey to Hambleton. Michelin star Chef, Aaron Patterson and his highly skilled team use the best local produce for seasonal dishes, e.g. Grouse, partridge and woodcock which are quite brilliant and display assured cooking.

The Offer: Members exclusively receive a 20% reduction from the total food bill when dining from the a la carte menu for lunch Monday to Friday or dinner Sunday to Thursday. Valid for groups of up to 6 diners. Click here for more details.

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