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Luxury Restaurant Guide List of Sub-processors (GDPR)


To support delivery of our Services, Luxury Restaurant Guide (hereinafter “LRG”), a trading name of Vision Marketing Limited, may engage and use data processors (sub-processors) with access to certain personal information. This page provides important information about the identity, location and role of each sub-processor we use.

The information shared here is for informational purposes to demonstrate how LRG engages with third-party systems, specifically which providers we use as part of delivering our service to you. It should not be interpreted as offering any additional rights or binding agreements.

What is a Sub-Processor

A sub-processor is an external service or provider that is enlisted by LRG to deliver our services to you. As part of that service delivery, we may be required to share personal information we have collected about you with these providers.

LRG requires that any third-party services or sub-processors that we use as part of delivering our service to you, meet the requirements and obligations under GDPR.

Third Party Sub-Processor

We’ve broken the list of processors into relevant sections, to give you greater understanding over how these services have access to your information.

Infrastructure Sub-processors – Service Data Storage

LRG uses the following organisations to store/host and collect personal information, or provide other infrastructure that helps with the delivery of our services:

Google Inc. – Cloud Service Provider

Microsoft Corporation – Cloud Service Provider

Digital Ocean – Cloud Service Provider

Service Specific Processors

LRG work with other third-parties to provide specific functions or features within our services. These providers will have access to relevant personal information (both in an identifiable and anonymous manner) in order to provide their relevant functions. The use of this information is limited to the specific purposes detailed below:

Salesforce – Cloud Based CRM System

Mailchimp – Cloud Based Customer Communication Platform

Sendgrid – Cloud Based Customer Communication Platform

Chargent – Payment Processing Platform

Stripe – Provision of Authorised Payment Services

Realex – Payment Service Provider

Telcoswitch – Cloud Based Telephony Platform

Cloud & More – IT Services

Signal One – Clouse Based Push Notification Service

Content Delivery Channels

LRG also uses certain providers to assist and support operations. These providers do not have direct access to data that you have shared with us but we may collect personal information you have shared with us via these services:

WordPress – Cloud Based CRM Service

Facebook – Cloud Based Social Media Platform

Instagram – Cloud Based Social Media Platform

Twitter – Cloud Based Social Media Platform

Changes and Updates

As our business grows and evolves, the third-parties and sub-processors that we engage with may also change over time. We will ensure that this list of sub-processors is kept up-to-date and remains accessible to members at all times via our Privacy Policy.  Please ensure to regularly check our Privacy Policy to keep up to date.

Last Updated: November 2022

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